Orlík Castle is a château in the South Bohemia Region of the Czech Republic. Orlík was established as a royal castle beside a ford across the River Vltava in the second half of the 13th century and probably the most famous owners were the Schwarzenbergs, who owned many castles in the Czech Republic and whose vault/tomb is in a nearby English-style park. The current Romantic Gothic appearance dates from 1849 to 1860, when partial remodelling in this style was carried out according to plans by Bernard Gruber. The Early Gothic style castle of Orlík was confiscated by the Communist Regime after 1948, but in 1990s was reverted to the Schwarzenbergs. The castle stands on the shore of the Orlík Dam, which is the largest hydroelectric dam in the Czech Republic.

Your task is to take a pictur of your team infront of the castle and write into the secret answer field in which year the building of the Orlík Dam was finnished. 

The visiting hours of the castle are:

September: 9AM - 4PM

October: 9AM - 3PM

Students - 80,- CZK

Adults 120,- CZK

And don´t forget that all castles are closed on Monday!