Hey guys, welcome to the CZECH IT! challenge web site! Wondering what it is all about? Let´s see how it works...

CZECH IT! challenge is a competition for international and Czech students, where you travel, discover the beauties of the Czech Republic and win awesome prizes!

First of all, you have to make a team of 3. So go out, look around and find two friends. Once you find them, think of a cool name for your team and register it at www.czechit.eu, so no one can steal this cool name of yours.
Since you are already registered, you can check the list of the challenges we prepared for you. Choose some of them, read carefully the instructions and go!

Now, when you are on the right spot, fulfil the task! Most of the cahllenges are based on taking a photo with something, but some requires an answer to a question.

Once you are back from the amazing trip, go to the website again, choose the challenge you´ve fulfiled and click on "Claim this challenge" button. Fill in all the required information, upload your pictures and save it. Don´t forget to insert an answer if the challenge needs one.

All you have to do now is wait till your claim is approved and you are rewarded with points. Meanwhile, why don´t you choose another challenge to beat?