Explore the underground labyrinth deep beneath the Cabbage Market and discover unique and mysterious nooks and crannies of medieval tunnels and cellars. The guided tour offers many surprises, including a real historical pillory (torture device). The entrance to the Labyrinth is at Zelný trh 21 (directly on the square). Cabbage market (Zelný trh) is one of the oldest squares in Brno. It was first mentioned in 13th century sources, at which time it was named Horní trh (Upper Market). The present-day name was given to the square in the 15th century. It has always been a very busy place where vendors offered their produce and other goods on a daily basis. Your task is to take a photo with one of the torturing device, you can try the pillory or how much people can get in a fools cage. Just don´t hurt yourselves guys!

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