Historical Underground in Znojmo was developed in the 14th century and is one of the largest underground labyrinths in Central Europe. The Subterranean Complex’s original purpose was a cellar for agricultural products and wine. There are three different types of tours, which one you take depends on how brave you are. One tour is called “Mysterious Underground” tand it includes alchemist laboratory, alive rocks, bats, elves or dungeons and is accompanied by special audiovisual light show. The other tours ar meant for people who don't mind a little water, mud, climbing on iron steps, replacing short ladders, walking bent and sometimes on all fours and a little bit of effort. Your task is to visit the underground and take a picture in the raincoat and helmet (for adrenaline tour) or in the frame that shows if you fit in the tunnel (other tours).

Check the official page of the city of Znojmo for opening hours and entrance fee,