Znojmo is a town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. First The Late Gothic Town Hall with its 75 m tower, dates from around 1446 and is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Znojmo. The Old Znojmo Town Hall, built as early as 1260, burned down during the great fire of 1444 and its tower, built on top of the building, also burned down and fell. That is why the tower was designed as a stand-alone building during the reconstruction of the town hall. The town hall tower gallery offers a great view of the area far and wide - if the weather is clear - in the distance you can see the forefront of the Českomoravské mountains and on the north-west the Pálavské highlands (yes, that´s where the wine is made), which are already part of the Carpathian range towards the south-east. When visibility is extremely good, one can see as far as the distant peaks of the Alps. Your task is to visit the Town Hall tower and find out what happens when you close all the shutters on the gallery. Upload a photo of your team and the tower and write down the name of the phenomenon.

Check out the official page of the city of Znojmo for more information.