You even do not have to be a kid and the Museum of marionettes will be worth your attention. The historic building in the heart of Český Krumlov hides preserved old marionettes that are borrowed by the National Marionettes museum in Prague. More than two hundreds marionettes are placed in their „natural enviroment“. The robbers inhabit the Šumava region forests, the aquarius plays with the drowned bodies on the bottom of Vltava river, and the actors of traditional southbohemian marriage are dressed in the traditional clothes.

However, the museum of marionettes will not be admired only by fairytale lovers. The museum is interesting also for historic architecture seekers. The exhibition is placed in the house that was built sometimes in the 14th century. One of the oldest profane fresco paintings in the south Bohemia can be found in the first floor of the building. It was probably painted sometimes in 1350 and 1370. The first written mention about the house is hundred and sixty years younger and is bound with the special event – the town was give the right to produce beer.

Your task is to visit the museum of marionettes, find one of the best-known southbohemian legend - Vodník (waterman), a water demon that lives in lakes, rivers and ponds, sometimes when he´s angry he destroys water mills, drowns people and keeps their souls in cups. Take a picture with it and upload the photo as a proof.

Check this page for information about opening hours and admission.