Visit the town of Hořice, which is located on the outskirt of Krkonoše
The first mention of Hořice dates back to the 12th century.
The town is situated on a rich sandstone site, thanks to which it is a very important place for all stonecutters, where is also the oldest sculpture-stone school in Europe!

For most Czechs, however, they are known for their traditional Hořické trubičky, which also have a European trademark of origin - they can be produced only in Hořice. Just like Champagne in Champagne.

The Legend claims that one of Napoleon's chefs revealed the recipe for the tubes when he returned through Czech territory as a reward for treating his injuries. Tubes are curled two crisp baked waffles, filled with creams, whipped cream or chocolate topping. There are several factories with business outlets here so we'll leave the choice to you. Some businesses also offer excursions with the possibility of making their own tube;
(link:, registration required in advance with entrance fee 10kč)

Your task is to visit the city of Hořice to indulge in this delicacy during which you will take a selfie!