According to rumours, a big patron of arts Alois Josef I from Lichtenstein intended to build a church there, on the spot where the minaret stands today. Among vassals resistance rose about a location of the building and that made Alois angry. To show his authority, he let build a mosque with a minaret instead of a church. Such a magnificent constructional plan dropped down because of unstable ground, so typical for wolds of river Dyje. It all began and finished with the minaret. So the rumours say. The historical version is less attractive. All around the castle we could find Chinese palaces, Turkish bath, Romanian obelisk, Swiss bridge... so why not Islamic minaret? The construction began in 1797 and it was finished in 1802, which makes it the oldest lookout in the Czech Republic. The centre of the building is a tower, 59,39 metres high

Your task is to count how many stairs are there to the top of the only minaret in the Czech Republic. Write your answer into the "super secret answer" field and upload a picture of yourselves infront of the minaret.

Opening hours:
April and October: 
Daily, except Mondays 9:00-16:00
Daily, except Mondays 9:00-17:00
(Lunch break: 12:00-13:00)
Entrance fee:
Adults: 40, - Kč 
Children, students, pensioners: 20 - Kč
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