Koněprusy Caves is a cave system in the heart of the limestone region known as Bohemian Karst. It is located southwest of Prague, 6 kilometres south of Beroun in the Central Bohemian Region. The name derives from nearby village of Koněprusy, which is derived from a name of a horse type "Prus", and a Czech word for horse "kůň". With the length of 2 kilometres and vertical range of 70 metres, it is the largest cave system in Bohemia. 

A tour leads the visitors through the upper and middle levels, presenting a chain of domed chambers, caves and passages with dark abysses between them. The most beautiful area is deemed by experts to be the extensive Prošek chamber with its sinter Jezírko lásky (Little lake of love). The caves also offers the spetacular "Koněprusy Roses", a sight that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They were formed by calcium carbonate dissolved in water, which then gradually precipitated on the walls of the underground lake in the shape of bushes, the tips of which later fell away to create an unusual formation reminiscent of rose blooms.

Your task is to visit the caves, upload a picture of the entrance ticket as a proof and write in the Secret answer field answer to a question "Which of the cave´s rock formation is rises from the floor up and is created by ceiling drippings?" Little help for you, you have two options, it could be stalagmites or stalactites.

Check the official wep page for more information about opening hours and admission.