Radegast is an old god of Slavic mythology. Since the name can easily be etymologised as meaning something like “Dear guest” or “Gladly guest”, Radegast was proclaimed as the Slavic god of hospitality and as such entered the hypothetical, reconstructed Slavic pantheon of modern days. According to some literary sources he is also the god of war, night, fire and the evening sky. He likes banquets, is completely black and is armed with a spear and helmet. 

Radegast is also a name of a mountain in Moravian–Silesian Beskids. At the foot of this mountain there is a statue of over 3 meters high god Radegast, made by Albín Polášek in 1931. 

Your task is to take a picture next to the statue. Sounds easy, doesn´t it? Well, to complete this challenge, you have to be as high as the god himself! 

And guys, by the way, Radegast is also a brand of beer, we bet you can find some in a local pub ;-)

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