Hradec Králové is not only a beautiful city full of architecture and cultural events, it is also a city full of greenery and nature.
You may be surprised that just two km from the centre of Hradec you will find 2 animal-filled fields.
In the first, there are a few "wild" pigs, Pepina and Bob, in the other running, the deers and mouflons.

Deers and mouflons are scary, so you probably will not see them by the fence, they prefer to hide in the distance. On the other hand, you can see fallow deers and mouflons as wild boars freely in the surrounding forests as well.

The biggest attraction will be a few wild pigs Pepina and Bob.
Pepina and Bob are wild pigs, but they are used to people, so they will be glad to welcome you to the fence in anticipation what they can do for a treat. So if you take some feed (love rolls) or vegetables, you will not regret. For this purpose, a special place is defined from where they can be fed. Watch out for your fingers!

Therefore, your task will be to document how you are feeding the boars.