There are several versions of this legend.The most popular is that a Dragon made Brno his home, and threatened the citizens and all of its livestock. Merchants stopped coming to the city to sell, and women stopped going to the market. Luckily, one day a butcher who was traveling through Brno volunteered. The courageous butcher created a trap to get rid of the Dragon. The trap was a sac made of fur and filled with lime. The dragon became very thirsty after eating this fur and lime, and after drinking so much water at the river his stomach expanded with the lime inside, and it burst! Then, the citizens celebrated by having the dragon preserved and now we can see it hanging from the Old Town Hall – and you might notice, this dragon looks a lot like a crocodile! Did you hear any other story about the Dragon of Brno? And what about the wheel? Well, find these symbols of the city of Brno (dragon and wheel) and you might find out more! Don´t forget to take a picture with it.

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