The Chateau garden was founded in the year 1509 and in the next centuries it was expanded to an impressive size of 64 hectares. Since the beginning, the looks of the garden were changing. From vegetable-growing and fruit-growing garden, it was in the 17th century rebuilt to the baroque garden. In the 19th century, it has changed to themed landscape park. And today over 200 rare trees from different parts of Europe, America, and Asia are planted there.

Your task is to find a small zoo inside the garden and take a picture with some of the animals.


Opening hours:

15.9.-6.10.: Mon-Sun 7AM - 6:30PM

7:10.-29.10.: Mon-Sun 7AM - 5:30PM

30.10.-28.2.: Mon-Sun 7AM-3:30

The entrance is for free