The challenge is clear. Determine the time with the help of Brno Astoronomical Clock! Do you think it’s easy? Well, it's not. Only a few actually know how to tell the time with the help of the mysterious clockwork. You can pick up a card with instructions to help you solve this weird clock at Dominican Square, building no.5 in Brno. There, on the 1st floor you’ll find an office shared by companies Flatio, Chillhills and 7Nights. Flatio is the only place where you can easily rent a furnished flat for 1 - 6 months directly from the owner in Brno and Prague. And by the way 7Nights can offer you a room in case you’d like to spend a little bit more time in Brno.

After picking up your card you’ll go to find the mysterious clock and do your best to read the time. Once you succeed write down the time and take a photo with it. In the photo there must be you, the card with the time on it, some kind of other time showing gadget (watch, mobile phone) and the astronomical clock. The mysterious clock may not be as accurate as your watch, so  don’t underestimate the challenge!

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