The Olomouc Zoological Garden is located on The Holy Hill (Svatý Kopeček) in a mixed forest on an area of 42,5 hectares. The Zoo breeds over three hundred species and participates in the rescue of a number of species involved in European Endangered Species Programme (EEP). The Zoo is renowned for its quality saltwater aquariums. Blacktip reef sharks can be admired in a large tank of 17,000 liters. Very rare Rodrigues Flying Foxes live in an unconventionally conceived bat exhibit. A crowd favorite is the outdoor enclosure of Japanese Macaques and an exciting enclosure shared by wolves and bears.

ESN Olomouc once adopted a giraffe. Since then it is an official mascot of our Olomouc ESN and he’s called Albert. We dare you to go to the ZOO and find this animal. Do not forget to take a picture with it!

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