The Square of the Republic (in Czech Naměstí republiky) forms historical centre of Plzeň, Czech Republic. With size of 168 m × 191 m it is one of the largest medieval squares in the Czech lands. Plzeň as a town appears at the end of the 13th century, the square existing since then. The most important historical landmarks are Church of St. Bartholomew (1295, since 1993 a cathedral), the city hall (the building serves as city hall since 1496) and St. Mary's plague column from 1681 by the Plzeň sculptor Kristian Widman, all in the northern part of the square.

Modern fountains designed by Ondřej Císler are placed at three corners of the Square of the Republic. Since their creation they have been dividing local people, some being fans, others opponents. The water falls from gilded gargoyles which symbolize an angel, a greyhound and a camel; the motives of Pilsen emblem.

Your task is to take a picture of all team members standing infront of at least one of the fountains and immitate its shape (for 10 points). If you are brave enough you can immitate all of them (20 points).